Gao, Mali: Photography by C4ADS

Conflict Finance and Irregular Threats Cell


The Sentry: Conflict Financing
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Conflict Finance and Irregular Threats Cell

The theft and capture of state resources and public funds by political, military, and business elites is a principal driver of state instability, particularly in fragile states where corruption and violence are intertwined. Networks of well-connected elites exploit weak legal regimes, vulnerable state institutions, and poor enforcement capacity to capture revenue-rich economic sectors for personal gain. These proceeds are concealed in opaque corporate holdings and laundered through offshore jurisdictions in the form of property, corporate shares, and networks of profit-earning enterprises.

C4ADS’ Conflict Finance and Irregular Threats Cell works to unravel and expose networks of corrupt elites while generating insights that accelerate enforcement action by government entities, banking and financial institutions, and international enforcement agencies. We rely on high-advantage open data to support enforcement actions, enhance transparency, and expand public awareness on the networks that enable violent kleptocracies across East and Central Africa, as well as the Horn and the greater Middle East and North Africa.

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