October 20, 2022
The Bottom Line Up Front

On November 7th, 2022, C4ADS will host an invite-only, in-person workshop in London, bringing together Sudanese civil society stakeholders and policy-makers to empower investigations into kleptocracy and advocacy campaigns for civilian led-governance in Sudan.

Agenda #

The event will feature at least two structured panel-style discussions with members of the C4ADS team, key subject matter experts, and representatives of the Sudanese advocacy community. In the first moderated panel, panelists will discuss the problem: how corruption and state economic power have obstructed democratization in Sudan, how to identify these corrupt networks, and what information gaps still exist in conducting these investigations. In the second panel, panelists will discuss solutions: what measures have been taken to disentangle the state from the private sector, how these measures have succeeded and failed, and what steps the international community should take to move Sudan back on track towards democracy.

In between the panels, C4ADS will facilitate break-out sessions to discuss dual lines of effort to support democratization in Sudan: one session on collaborative investigations and expanding the information space, and one on the role of activism and advocacy in the fight for democratization.

A rough schedule for the workshop follows:

10:00-10:10 Welcome from C4ADS

10:10-10:30 Presentation from C4ADS on Key Concepts & Context

10:30-12:00 Panel 1: Corruption and State Power in Sudan

12:00-13:00 Lunch

13:00-14:00 Facilitated Breakout Sessions on:

  • Collaborative Investigations
  • Activism and Advocacy

14:00-15:30 Panel 2: Paths to Accountability and Justice

Registration #

Fill out the form below to register. Please note this event is invite-only.

Speakers #

Additional speakers to be announced shortly.

Eva Kahan

Portfolio Manager, C4ADS

Eva Kahan oversees the Sudan portfolio at C4ADS. Eva supported the portfolio’s investigations into state-owned enterprises and was a co-author on the recent report Breaking the Bank. Eva has been with C4ADS since May 2021.

Prior to her time at C4ADS, Eva received her undergraduate degree in History and International Relations, concentrating in the Middle East, from Tufts University. She has lived in Jordan and Egypt and was a fellow with the Center for Arabic Study Abroad (2019-2020). Eva previously researched civil-military relations and ISIS with the Institute for the Study of War and served as an associate with the Harvard Davis Center Negotiation Task Force.

Catherine Cartier

Analyst, C4ADS

Catherine Cartier is an analyst on the Conflict Affected States Program. Catherine supported the portfolio’s investigations into state-owned enterprises and was a co-author on the recent report Breaking the Bank.

Prior to joining C4ADS, she held a Fulbright research grant and reported as an independent journalist from Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, and Tajikistan. Catherine earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Davidson College in 2020 and was named a Harry S. Truman Scholar in 2019.