The Bottom Line Up Front

Investigating abuses of political power and misappropriations of state funds.

Kleptocracy (AKA “rule by thieves”) is when states run for the benefit of an individual or a small set of elites. This inherently destabilizes democracy by undermining public faith in elected leaders and embezzling vital state funds out of vulnerable economies. But due to the nature of the global financial system, corruption in one jurisdiction is rarely confined to its borders. Instead it is enabled by networks of facilitators who help place, launder, and integrate illicit funds into the international financial system. Despite the effect of kleptocracy on global governance and the scale of illicit financial flows – potentially as much as $32 trillion sitting in tax havens and secrecy jurisdictions, there is a significant lack of accessible information to hold corrupt actors accountable.

C4ADS uses data and technology to innovate new ways to track and investigate state capture and grand corruption around politically exposed persons. From there, we partner with investigative journalists and local civil society organizations to help expose the corrupt activities of politicians and governments. In doing so, we equip them with the tools, data, and expertise to improve transparency and serve as watchdogs for persons in positions of political power and encourage a world where governments serve a more just, accountable, and prosperous world for its people.