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About Our Internship Program #

At C4ADS, we value the perspectives, skills, and interests that our interns bring to the organization. As a C4ADS intern, you won’t make coffee or arrange conference room furniture. You will work alongside staff on their projects and receive one-on-one mentorship to maximize your professional development. You will participate in our Intern Training Program, where you will learn about our mission and how to apply analytical techniques, methodologies, datasets, and tools (e.g. Palantir, Windward) to your work. Throughout the program, you will be encouraged to take initiative and leverage the educational opportunities at C4ADS to shape your internship experience. 

Please direct all internship-related inquiries to [email protected].


Interns may receive a discretionary stipend of up to $9,600 per semester to help offset the cost of participating in an internship program.


  • Current undergraduate students, graduate students, and recent graduates are welcome to apply.
  • C4ADS offers full-time (35-40 hrs/wk) internships. Part-time schedules may be accommodated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Applicants must have authorization to work in the United States. C4ADS does not sponsor work authorizations for interns. Non-U.S. citizen applicants should consult available resources to understand and prepare all necessary documentation prior to pursuing an internship opportunity at C4ADS.
  • We will continue to offer the option of remote internships for the coming semester. Interns will be provided with all equipment necessary for the internship program.

Hiring Process & Timeline

Summer: Open early February, close early March

Fall: Open early June, close early July

Spring: Open early September, close early October

Intern Hiring Process:

  1. Initial Application Review: Aspiring interns submit their applications, along with statements outlining their interests and motivations, through our dedicated online portal. Our HR team meticulously reviews applications to ensure they not only meet the basic requirements for the internship position but also assess how well candidates’ stated interests align with the specific responsibilities and goals of the position they are applying for.
  2. Hiring Manager Review: Applications that pass the initial review are then carefully evaluated by the hiring manager, typically one of our skilled analysts, or a member of the team a candidate is applying to join.
  3. Take-Home Test: Shortlisted candidates are presented with a targeted take-home test or task directly related to the specifics of the internship role. The test is designed to gauge practical skills, problem-solving abilities, and knowledge relevant to the unique challenges at C4ADS.
  4. Virtual Interview: Candidates who perform well on the test advance to the virtual interview stage. Interviews may cover technical skills, behavioral questions, and the candidate’s alignment with C4ADS’s mission and values.
  5. Pipplet Language Assessment: To ensure a strong alignment with the diverse nature of our projects, candidates may undergo a language assessment using platforms like Pipplet. Language proficiency is particularly important, given the international scope of our work.
  6. Selection/Offers: Following virtual interviews, our hiring team collaborates to make final selections. Successful candidates are extended internship offers, which include details about the position, compensation, and other pertinent terms.
  7. Onboarding: Once candidates accept our internship offers, the comprehensive onboarding process kicks in. Onboarding into the internship program involves orientation sessions, an introduction to C4ADS’s policies and culture, training on relevant tools and systems, and completion of necessary paperwork.

Open Positions #