The Bottom Line Up Front

Ending Modern Slavery by Combatting the Global Economic Networks that Benefit from Forced Labor.

Tens of millions of people worldwide live in conditions of forced labor. Victims are subjected to harsh conditions and little-to-no pay, often in industries that supply global commerce with the goods that sustain middle- and upper-class lifestyles from retail to electronics to energy. Yet, the complexity of global supply chains makes it difficult for consumers and governments alike to trace forced labor or verify the true sourcing of products.

C4ADS exposes the crucial intersections of forced labor with the global economy and encourages global actors to cut their ties to these crimes. Through large-scale analysis of corporate and trade data, we are able to trace the complex supply chains that mask forced labor and make it profitable. Working with a global network of partners and collaborators, we then turn our insights into action, focusing on supply chain shifts and policy solutions.

Our work seeks to ultimately end impunity for using forced labor, and promote a shared commitment to a world free from bondage.