The Bottom Line Up Front

Identifying how malign states exploit international systems of transportation, finance, and communication in order to exert influence over democratic institutions, market-oriented economies, and global geopolitics.

Malign states use both overt and covert methods to influence and undermine the political, military, and economic activities of international governments and societies. They exploit licit systems of commerce, communications, and collaboration to destabilize global security, market-oriented economies, and democratic institutions. To achieve these objectives, states may use a wide range of tools including malign investments, election interference, information operations, computer network exploitation, and supply chain compromises.

C4ADS identifies and disrupts malign state influence operations by leveraging public and commercially available data to develop evidence-backed, actionable information that can be rapidly shared with civil society, international regulatory bodies, and private companies through collaborative partnerships. C4ADS applies our extensive data holdings and domain expertise on countries like China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea to identify the networks supporting malign influence activities and enable international regulatory bodies and institutions to harden the systems these networks seek to exploit.