The Bottom Line Up Front

Targeting the global connections that enable state-sponsored persecution of marginalized communities.

States and their agents suppress the rights of communities around the world through physical, political, economic, and cultural means. From forced displacement to shuttering the press, state actors leverage their relative power to silence opposition, line their own pockets, and curtail the rights of marginalized communities.

While state actors may think themselves immune to consequences, C4ADS strikes back at human rights violators by empowering the international community to act. We work with affected communities to investigate the crimes and their perpetrators, focusing on points of reliance on international systems of trade, commerce, travel, and public legitimacy. We then work with stakeholders across sectors to achieve maximal impact through sanctions, loss of financial access, and negative press. In this way, we lift the veil of secrecy and impunity and connect the international community with the opportunity to protect the human rights of all people.