The Bottom Line Up Front

Using international law to bring accountability, transparency, and justice to perpetrators of international crimes and corruption.

Corrupt actors and criminals around the world move money, assets, and people between jurisdictions with near-impunity, often due to their political capital in home countries and a lack of capacity in domestic and international legal systems to prosecute their behavior. Using unique asset-tracing techniques, C4ADS has identified billions of dollars in illicit funds which may be recoverable to their countries of origin. But when it comes to actually seizing and repatriating these funds for their victims’ benefit, information is one thing — action is another.

C4ADS encourages a world where the victims of grand corruption can find justice and restitution. Through connections with a powerful network of legal experts, governments, and non-profits, we help decision-makers block illicit finance and prosecute illicit actors. We proactively share our investigative capabilities around key focus areas with members of the international legal community who can translate them into strategies for legal action to promote accountability and economic justice around the globe, including in the most vulnerable and authoritarian of states.

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