The Bottom Line Up Front

Leveraging data, technology, and partnerships to track transnational wildlife trafficking activity.

Sophisticated wildlife trafficking networks harvest wildlife species at an unsustainable scale, breaking local and international laws and regulations without detection or prosecution.

C4ADS pursues the biggest profiteers of these crimes by investigating beyond the point of seizure or arrest and taking a collaborative, transnational approach to combatting wildlife trafficking. From frontline anti-poaching organizations to major financial and transport institutions, C4ADS partners with stakeholders to share information on wildlife crime and build local counter wildlife trafficking capacity through training and investigative support. Our Centralized Wildlife Trafficking Investigative Database (CWT-ID) and the C4ADS Wildlife Seizure Database provide a detailed and regularly updated record of global wildlife crime incidents, individuals, and their associates, which C4ADS analyzes to provide data and evidence that can inform partners’ policy and enforcement decisions.