Since 2016, C4ADS has tracked corrupt officials and malign influence in Sudan. This work became exponentially more important on October 25, 2021 when a coalition of Sudanese military officials successfully staged a coup against civilian leaders. In the ashes of Sudan’s democratic aspirations lay the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF), and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF). The two groups then turned their guns on each other, igniting a full-scale war on April 15, 2023.

Since the coup, C4ADS has continued to support civil society and regional media partners to monitor the situation in Sudan, determine the role of foreign and regional actors in fueling ongoing conflict, and advise international efforts at accountability. We leverage corporate records, financial data, satellite imagery, and more to track the illicit networks funding the conflict in Sudan and document surging violence across the country. The leaders of both the SAF and RSF rely on international financial and business networks to further their war aims. It is our hope that through exposing these transnational networks, we can shed light on the perpetrators and spoilers of violence in Sudan. 

We welcome you to explore our public historical work on Sudan. As war in the country continues, we will continue in our mission to identify and defeat these illicit networks.

In The News #

Our work supporting democratic transition in Sudan has received attention from (and been mentioned in) a number of different investigations and beyond. Below, you will find a sampling of these media mentions — including several global articles on Sudanese security company Shield Protective Services from a coalition of global journalists, which trace ownership of the organization to Musa Hamdan Daglo (brother of RSF boss Hemedti).