The Middle East and North Africa are rich in natural resources, are strategically positioned for international trade, and are home to an array of rapidly growing economies. Yet, regional conflicts and transnational illicit markets continue to threaten the peace and prosperity of this key region. Logistics hubs and property markets that offer opportunities for development and growth are also exploited by actors moving illicit goods, supplying war economies, or storing and laundering the proceeds of crime and corruption.

C4ADS explores how illicit networks exploit licit systems to enable conflict, crime, and corruption in the Middle East and North Africa region. Our track record speaks for itself. Our work on Dubai’s luxury property market has enabled investigations into illicitly acquired assets held by sanctions evaders, money launderers, and weapons smugglers alike. Our investigations into flight and maritime activity has illuminated how a range of global actors violate international agreements by supplying arms to conflicts in Libya and Syria. C4ADS leverages a uniquely diverse range and scale of data sources to investigate illicit activity in the region, and works with a broad spectrum of partners to disrupt this activity, from media and legal advocacy organizations to UN agencies and law enforcement.