The Bottom Line Up Front

The Learning Lab is the premier destination for mastering publicly available information (PAI) analytical tools, techniques, and methodologies.

Since our inception, C4ADS has developed and tested PAI analytical techniques, tools, and methodologies. Each day C4ADS analysts push the bounds of PAI analytical techniques – using novel data, emerging technologies, and innovative methodologies to address ever-changing threats. This experience has enabled C4ADS to identify and codify the best approaches to understand, disrupt, and dismantle the activities of illicit networks.

C4ADS has previously shared these approaches on an ad hoc basis. But now, we are offering this expertise directly to partners via The Learning Lab. The Lab will provide training on everything from fundamentals like digital security and corporate records analysis to advanced techniques like layering multiple data types and processing bulk data. Trainings are customizable to the needs of the audience.

  • Seeking modules focused on specific jurisdictions or data types? The Learning Lab has bespoke options available.
  • Seeking a training that is conducted in different languages and across multiple time zones? The Learning Lab has experience running these programs and has in-house language capacity of 15+ critical languages that helps inform our analysis.
  • Seeking access to unique data and tools designed by our team of analysts? C4ADS has created Icarus, Sanctions Explorer, the Wildlife Seizure Dashboard, Triton and curated high value PAI datasets from across the globe. 
  • Seeking a recurring training program to upskill new hires? The Learning Lab has direct experience training all internal hires and interns.

Connect with the Learning Lab

For more information about The Learning Lab and to develop a curriculum or discuss access to software, read our one-pager overview, or sign up below to connect with us.