The Bottom Line Up Front

Via the Learning Lab, C4ADS offers customizable training for mastering PAI analytical tools, techniques, and methodologies.

Since our inception, C4ADS has tested the most advanced analytical tools, techniques, and methodologies for harnessing publicly available information (PAI). Years of innovation and consistent results against the toughest challenges taught us just how powerful our capabilities are, and how effective they could be for other investigative teams looking to scale their analysis. That’s why we built the C4ADS Learning Lab, a world-class, customizable training experience designed to help your teams master PAI analysis. 

Via the Learning Lab, we offer training on everything from fundamentals like digital security and corporate records analysis to advanced techniques like layering multiple data types and processing bulk data. No matter your needs, we focus on developing tangible skills and amplifying impact. The best part? Everything is customizable, including:

  • Training modules focused on specific jurisdictions or data types
  • Training modules in 15+ languages and across multiple time zones 
  • Recurring training programs to upskill new hires and/or interns
  • Modularized trainings for both small and large groups
  • The option of in-person or virtual training environments
  • Access to C4ADS data and software platforms powered by high-value PAI datasets from around the world

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