C4ADS Attends CITES CoP17

C4ADS’ Environmental Crimes Fusion Cell Lead Analysts were honored to participate in the CITES CoP17 in Johannesburg, South Africa from September 24th to October 5th, 2016. While there, C4ADS also held a side event, “Combatting the Illegal Ivory Trade through DNA, Isotope, and Network Analysis” and spoke on a forensics panel at INTERPOL’s Wildlife Crime Working Group meeting with Samuel Wasser and Thure Cerling. C4ADS’ Mary Utermohlen presented on a large network of traffickers moving ivory between Africa and Asia compiled through C4ADS’ open source analysis of official documentation, highlighting how DNA and isotope analysis can be used to support network analysis and link previously unconnected ivory seizures.

C4ADS Attends Our Oceans Conference And Presents at Human Trafficking Panel, Turning the Tide

C4ADS was honored to attend the third Our Oceans conference, as well as to present at the Turning the Tide: Harnessing Innovation and Partnerships To Combat Human Trafficking in the Seafood Sector panel. Moderated by Nick Grono of the Freedom Fund, other panelists included leading human trafficking experts including Kate Hodal from the Guardian, Shawn MacDonald from Verite, Karrie Denniston from the Walmart Foundation, and Lisa Rende Taylor from the Issara Institute. C4ADS’ Chief Operating Officer Varun Vira discussed the importance of open source data to combat human trafficking in the fisheries sector, as well as IUU fishing.

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C4ADS Proud to Partner with The Sentry on its First Investigative Report on South Sudan

C4ADS is proud to be the implementing partner for The Sentry in its investigation into the assets and wealth of top officials in South Sudan’s government and opposition. The report presented evidence showing that top South Sudanese officials and their families have enjoyed luxurious homes outside South Sudan and have been involved in commercial ventures throughout the country’s most lucrative business sectors, participating with an international network of collaborators to move money and enjoy the spoils of war.

The report findings were released at a press conference featuring George Clooney and Don Cheadle who joined Sentry investigators to present, "War Crimes Shouldn't Pay: Stopping the looting and destruction in South Sudan." The press conference took place at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, on September 12, 2016. Learn more at TheSentry.org.

C4ADS Publishes Article in World Customs Organization Magazine

Following C4ADS’ presentation at the World Customs Authority Technology & Innovation Forum in October 2015, C4ADS was requested to write a piece for the World Customs Organization’s monthly magazine. In the article, titled "Using open data to combat transnational criminal networks," Varun Vira and Jessica Hansen outlined C4ADS’ approach to open source analysis, highlighting C4ADS' work on environmental trafficking issues and terror finance activities to empower law enforcement and customs authorities, logistics companies, and financial institutions to take action against transnational organized crime.

Click here to view the article.

C4ADS' Environmental Crimes Fusion Cell Testifies at House Subcommittee on Africa

On October 27, 2015, U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce (R-CA) and Ranking Member Eliot Engel (D-NY) were joined by Oscar winning director, Kathryn Bigelow to assert the need for bipartisan support for the Global Anti-Poaching Act (H.R. 2494). C4ADS participated in a panel event on how wildlife trafficking fuels atrocities in east and central Africa. Drawing a diverse audience of activists, legislators, NGO staff, and representatives from the Departments of Defense, State, and the Interior. The event was an opportunity to discuss humanitarian, security, and wildlife protection issues. 

Speakers included: 

  1. Kathryn Bigelow, Film Director
  2. Sasha Lezhnev, Associate Policy Director at the Enough Project
  3. Jackson Miller, Analyst at C4ADS
  4. Ledio Cakaj, Independent Consulatant
  5. Andrea Heydlauff, Director of Strategic Communications at African Parks

C4ADS Presents at World Customs Authority Technology & Innovation Forum

C4ADS presented at the World Customs Organization's 5th Technology and Innovation Forum on October 27, 2015 in Rotterdam. The Forum profiled innovative technology solutions designed to support flow, safety and security for global supply chains and customs enforcement. The Forum also included high-level representatives from different governmental agencies, technology providers, research institutes, and businesses dealing with regulation, compliance, and enforcement of cross-border movement of goods and passengers.

C4ADS Presents at Global Financial Integrity at the Illicit Financial Flows Conference

C4ADS presented at Global Financial Integrity's two-day conference, "Illicit Financial Flows: The Most Damaging Economic Problem Facing the Developing World," held in Washington D.C. at the National Press Club. The conference featured discussions and keynote remarks from experts on the nature of illicit financial flows (IFFs), country-level perspectives, and how and why curtailing these IFFs should be a priority for the global community.

C4ADS Presents at 2014 Google Ideas Investigathon

On November 12, 2014, Google Ideas, in partnership with the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project and Google for Media, hosted a day-long workshop with investigators from around the world. The goal of the event was to support the investigative journalism community by sharing useful online tools, highlighting important projects, and hosting a hackathon—a two-hour working session where attendees used innovative tools to uncover organized crime money laundering activities. This video explores some of the highlights from the event, as well as the broader implications of technology on the future of investigative journalism.

C4ADS Presents the Odessa Network at Google Ideas - Conflict in a Connected World

In October 2013, Google Ideas, in partnership with the Council on Foreign Relations and the Gen Next Foundation, hosted the ‘Conflict in a Connected World’ summit. The summit brought together online activists, digital security experts, investigative journalists, government officials, and developers to expose current threats, explore future trends, and demonstrate new tools to empower individuals in the face of instability and repression.

Today, global connectivity is impacting the way conflict manifests itself. Technology can both imperil and protect information security. Social media can be used to communicate in ways never before possible, but also to persecute those who express different religious, political or social views. Digital platforms can be leveraged to provide a better understanding of conflict and better inform policymakers.