March 29, 2022
The Bottom Line Up Front

C4ADS is proud to launch The C4ADS Wildlife Seizure Dashboard, a new, free tool for journalists, investigators, and other counter-wildlife trafficking stakeholders to access nearly 10 years of wildlife seizure data across 100+ jurisdictions worldwide.

Explore global seizure trends over time, transport type, and location

The C4ADS Wildlife Seizure Dashboard will be an invaluable resource to track general trends in illicit wildlife trafficking, aid decision makers in policy formation, provide insight and context to journalists investigating illicit trafficking activities, and even assist law enforcement officers in more efficient resource allocation. By sharing real-time actionable data with counter-wildlife trafficking stakeholders, the tool will also increase global understanding of the shifting dynamics of the illegal wildlife trade.

Easily filter by species category, trafficking method, date range, country, and region

Using The C4ADS Wildlife Seizure Dashboard, users can explore trends in global wildlife seizures with ease, including seizures of the five most commonly trafficked species: elephant ivory, leopard, pangolin, rhino horn, and tiger. Users can also filter seizure data by jurisdiction, transportation method, or year, and can display their unique selections as customized, downloadable graphics and maps that automatically update as new data is added. 

Review country profiles to understand each country’s Enforcement Index, top trafficking cities, and top trafficking routes.

If you are interested in learning more, C4ADS hosted a webinar at 8:30am EST on April 12 to demo the new Wildlife Seizure Dashboard, and to share in more detail the many ways this tool can support decision-makers, journalists, and other stakeholders in their efforts to disrupt illicit wildlife trafficking around the world.

Watch the livestream here.
Watch the tutorial in English.
Regardez notre tutoriel en français du C4ADS Wildlife Seizure Dashboard et un exemple d’analyse ici.

For questions about the C4ADS Wildlife Seizure Dashboard, please reach out to [email protected]. For any related media inquiries, please email [email protected]