May 25, 2021
The Bottom Line Up Front

We invite you to join us at 8:30 a.m. EST on Tuesday, May 25, 2021 for a webinar discussion analyzing the outlook for America’s sanctions on Russia under the Biden administration.

About the Webinar #

As we enter 2021, the U.S. – Russia relationship continues to be a source of tension globally. A complex architecture of sanctions on Russia first put in place by Obama, and expanded under Trump, poses serious compliance challenges for global banks. As the Russian defense sector and its associated logistics service providers are increasingly targeted by sanctions, these entities continue to push sales of weapons and associated systems abroad, representing a source of serious secondary sanctions risk. This risk is particularly strong in the Eastern Europe, where Russia has been especially aggressive in pushing sales of defense articles. This discussion aims to outline these risks and showcase ways that publicly available information (PAI) can be used to provide enhanced due diligence.

Featuring legal and trade compliance experts, open source investigators, and due diligence professionals, this event will give participants both an in-depth understanding of sanctions programs affecting business with Russian firms, and mitigation strategies for Know your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Customer’s Customer (KYCC) standards. The event will be held virtually via webinar.