May 18, 2023
The Bottom Line Up Front

Modeled on last year’s Eyes on Russia Map — created in collaboration with the UK-based Centre for Information Resilience — the new, interactive Afghan Witness Map is a powerful tool for visualizing verified human rights abuses and security threats across Afghanistan.

Modeled on last year’s Eyes on Russia Map, the Afghan Witness Map offers users a compelling new platform for visualizing confirmed and verified evidence of human rights abuses committed by the Taliban across Afghanistan. Once evidence is confirmed using geolocation or triangulation against other sources, Afghan Witness uploads it to the platform, where users can find it by easily filtering, searching, or sorting information to fit their interest or need.

Today, the map shows more than 1,300 verified datapoints that reveal the evolution of the Afghan women’s rights protest movement, attacks on members of the global and national media, and violence by militants and terrorist groups. It will be updated regularly.

The Afghan Witness Map provides a live, interactive visualization of verified human rights abuses and security threats across Afghanistan. And it’s incredibly easy to use — with just a few clicks, you can:

Filter by event and sector category, select start and end dates to explore trends using a timeline function, and search by key words (e.g., place names).

You can also easily discover key information related to each event, filter results visually by drawing areas of interest on the map, and zoom in or out to search for events within any set map frame.

About Afghan Witness

The UK-based Centre for Information Resilience (CIR) established Afghan Witness in late 2021 to monitor, track, and verify evidence of human rights abuses in the country after the Taliban’s return to power. Since then, they have worked with civil society in Afghanistan and global journalists alike to create an accurate and reliable archive of relevant information — and now, this map takes that effort to new heights.

Who Is the Afghan Witness Map for?

Afghan Witness and C4ADS designed this map to help activists, advocates, policymakers, researchers, and anyone else interested visualize the extent of human rights violations in Afghanistan. It offers unprecedented insight into the Taliban’s reign of terror in the country.

More About Our Methodology

The Afghan Witness Map is modeled on last year’s Eyes on Russia Map, produced in collaboration with CIR, and has been developed with the express intent of creating a powerful, new, easily-navigable platform that can expand the ways researchers can set search terms and interact with the map to advance their analysis.

Introducing the Afghan Witness Map.

For additional information about Afghan Witness or this project in particular, please visit their website or reach out to them at [email protected]. For any related media inquiries, please email [email protected].