December 14, 2022
-16 min read
The Bottom Line Up Front

The Eyes on Russia Map was created to facilitate the public’s access and understanding of this information. Developed in collaboration with CIR, the map draws on the database of videos, photos, satellite imagery or other media that CIR’s Eyes on Russia project has collected and verified.

The Centre for Information Resilience (CIR) launched the Eyes on Russia project earlier this year – in collaboration with Bellingcat, GeoConfirmed, and the wider open source community – to collect and verify photos, satellite imagery, videos, and other media related to the Putin regime’s invasion of Ukraine. Now, with C4ADS on board, this joint initiative has produced a novel new tool: The Eyes on Russia Map.

The new Eyes on Russia Map brings this authenticated data to life with interactive visualization, clearly and easily showing users the real-world consequences of Putin’s military adventurism – making it a new, valuable resource for activists, journalists, researchers, and the broader public alike.

The Eyes on Russia map collates and displays reliable and timely information concerning the impact of Russia’s invasion on Ukraine and its people. And it’s incredibly simple to use – with just a few clicks, you can:

Filter by event and sector category, select start and end dates to explore trends using a timeline function, and search by key words (e.g. place names).

You can also easily discover key information related to each event, filter results visually by drawing areas of interest on the map, and zoom in or out to search for events within any set map frame.

About the Eyes on Russia Project

The Centre for Information Resilience (CIR) is an independent, non-profit social enterprise dedicated to countering disinformation, exposing human rights abuses, and combating online behaviour harmful to women and minorities.

CIR launched the Eyes on Russia project in January 2022 provide journalists, NGOs, policymakers and the public access to verified, trustworthy information. Since then, the digital initiative has expanded into collaboration with the wider open source intelligence (OSINT) community, including organizations like Bellingcat, C4ADS, and GeoConfirmed, with support from Advance Democracy, Inc. The Eyes on Russia database of verified information is the collective product of this community.

Who is the Eyes On Russia Map For?

The Eyes on Russia Map allows journalists, NGOs, policymakers, researchers, and public at large to easily digest and understand the consequences of Russia’s military aggression on Ukraine and its people. It’s a key resource for anyone interested in learning more about the human lives affected by war in the region, and sets a new standard for open source reporting on this type of conflict.

More About Our Methodology

Building on the original map that was developed and maintained with support from MapHub, CIR collaborated with C4ADS to develop an updated vision for the Russia-Ukraine Monitor Map. C4ADS joined the Eyes on Russia project with the aim to produce a new version of the map that would expand the ways researchers can set search terms and interact with the map to advance their analysis.

For more information on how the Eyes on Russia project collects, verifies and investigates open source information, read Eyes on Russia: Launch of the new Eyes on Russia map on CIR’s website or watch the video ‘I Debunk Putin’s Lies | Super Users’ on the Vice YouTube Channel.